Fas-Tac MedPack


A rapid-access IFAK for traumatic injuries

SKU: MED-030

When accident strikes, you want to be prepared! Some commonly available med kits use flashy colors and lots of packaging, but if you’ve ever tried to unwrap a tourniquet while wearing gloves, you know that’s a challenge. When seconds count, we believe you shouldn’t be messing around trying to get life-saving medical supplies out of their wrapping. Mounted on a belt, MOLLE, attached to a bag; however you choose to use this bag, it’s easily ripped from the velcro back-plate after releasing the buckle. Available in Black, FDE, OD, and Multicam, we’re sure you’ll love this product.

The FasTac MedPack is similar to our IFAK; with several differences. This pack comes with more gauze for smaller injuries, while maintaining the tourniquet, trauma dressing, and packing gauze required for more traumatic injuries. Seconds matter, and that’s why the FasTac MedPack is not only easy to deploy, but everything inside is easy to use without unnecessary packaging.

The Fas-Tac MedPack contains everything needed for traumatic injury to yourself or one patient:

-1x CAT-7 Tourniquet

-1x Sharpie

-2x Pair large Gloves, Rolled

-1x North American Rescue Emergency Trauma Dressing(NAR ETD)

-1x Packing Gauze, 3″x5yd

-1x Hemostatic Packing Gauze, 3″x4yd

-1x Sterile Rolled Gauze, 3″x4yd

-6x 3″x3″ Sterile Gauze Pads

-1x Surgical Tape, 1″x10yd

-1x Hyfin Chest Seal, Twin-Pack

-1x Carrying Bag(choose color)


Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3.5 × 6 in

Black, FDE, OD, Multicam


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