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We’d love for everyone to always carry medical, and have the knowledge to use it. But we also understand that’s not always possible, and that’s why we bring the CarPack; a larger medical kit able to handle traumatic injuries, all the way down to booboos. It’s still portable, but it’s designed with the purpose of staying in your vehicle.

The CarPack comes packed with supplies, and serves as a first aid kit in addition to trauma kit. In addition, each CarPack comes with a mounting strap so you can attach it to a headrest, seat, bag, cargo rack, handlebars of a motorcycle, or wherever else you want. In order to access the kit, you simply release the buckle and rip it off the velcro backplate. Easily accessible!

The CarPack comes with everything below, and is available in Medical Red, Black, Olive Drab, Flat Dark Earth, Multicam, or UCP:


-2x CAT-7 Tourniquet

-1x Sharpie

-3x Pair large Gloves, Rolled

-1x Israeli Trauma Dressing or Emergency Trauma Dressing(NAR ETD)

-1x Packing Gauze, 3″x5yd

-2x Sterile Rolled Gauze, 3″x4yd

-4x 3″x3″ Sterile Gauze Pads

-1x Surgical Tape, 1″x10yd

-1x Hyfin Chest Seal, Twin-Pack

-1x 7.5″ Full-size Trauma Shears

-1x Burn Dressing

-1x Triple-Antibiotic Ointment

-2x Combi-Pad, 5″x9″ sterile dressing

-1x Ace-Wrap(with securing clasps), 4″x5 yd

-8x Bandaids

-1x Mounting strap, adjustable up to 62″ long

-1x Carrying Bag(choose color)



Red, Black, OD, FDE, Multicam, UCP

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  1. Robert hinds

    Everything in this kit is high quality and there is plenty of it. It gives me great peace of mind and it is a very nice size to fit in a glove box or small compartment.
    I would highly reccomend taking the classes offered by him as well. He is very knowledgeable and its obvious he cares about you actually learning what he is teaching and will work with you until you’ve got it.

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